You survived.

Information is just as valuable as ever, if not more so. I suggest you learn about the other survivors, as you never know who will turn on you for their own gain. You may want to learn about your surroundings as well.

Good luck.

Welcome players!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Rust wiki! This is a pretty awesome, quick and easy tool for me to create and edit information that would otherwise hide inside my white binder. I plan to keep adding information here as we go, so be sure to check back frequently (particularly before each session, just to refresh yourself on what happened last time).

Now for the real fun – a chance for you to earn some extra experience for your character! Here’s a few character building exercises that I’d love to see done – and I’ll reward you in game for each task you complete. If any task contains secret information you don’t want the party to know, send me a private message on facebook – I have a secret GM section on every page where I can add notes.

  • Character Bio – Describe your character’s back story, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. – 100 to 500 XP, depending on depth.
  • Friend/Foe/Favor – Fill out the character entry for each of these characters (I’ve made empty entries to get things started). 100 – 300 XP each!
  • Character Portrait – Find yourself a fancy character portrait to upload on your character page. Please only use images of a reasonable size – there is a data limit on the campaign. – 100 XP
  • NPC portraits – If you have a portrait for what you imagined an NPC to look like, send me a link. Approval earns you 50 XP per portrait!
  • Anything else that helps give us a better view of your character (or perhaps how you view the world) might earn you some extra XP.

Kingdom of Rust

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