Technology obsessed bardic elf


Born just before the Great Blaze, (needs checked for accuracy) Wrenlais (ren-LAY-iss, Wren for short) grew up fascinated with humans and their technology. His Elven family looked down on his “obsession” as relations between the races were not yet friendly. At a fairly young age, for an elf, he set out from home and began wandering in search of great technological treasure. Along the way he met a fair number of unfriendly humans but there were some who were willing to share their knowledge of technology and human culture. He gradually became fluent in humanese (common) and learned his way around wires and basic tech. Wrens lifestyle led some to call him a scrapper, though he was in it more to learn from and use the tech than to sell it.

As he traveled he listened to any tale or story being told at the local inn or around a campfire in hopes of learning more about the hidden wonders of the newly merged world. Due to the nature of his existence- traveling and listening to stories -he unintentionally fell into the role of a bard. He even learned how to play the harmonica from a good friend and fellow scrapper named Garth, who had learned it from his family. Soon it was Wren telling the stories as he traveled from place to place in search of new ruins to explore and technology to find.

Racial tensions being what they are Wren has to be a bit careful who he talks to and what he talks about. Being an elf makes a fair number of humans distrust him on sight, and when elves hear him speaking common or talking about human things they tend to get a bit uneasy. Wren’s knowledge of both races and their languages often leads to him filling a diplomatic role, which he is happy to fill as he hopes that some day both races (and dwarves as well) can live in harmony.

Being a scrapper he eventually had run-ins with both the Slashers and the Vanguard. He generally disagreed (to put it lightly) with Slashers simply because he was too fascinated with technology to want to destroy it. He also found the Vanguard to be a bit too organized for his tastes as he was more comfortable living on a whim. But he also got along a bit better with Vanguard due to similar interests and ideologies, and a lack of attempted murder.

Eventually Wren got in over his head with a group of Slashers led by a human named Lorn. Not being the best of fighters, Wren teamed up with a mercenary band to increase his chances of survival.


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