Lorian uses two sickles in honor of her dead mother and father. She’s good at sneaking through the shadows and quietly dispatching her enemies.


Lorian lived in a small farming village with her family before the Great Blaze. She lost her mother and father in the Great Blaze and developed an intense hatred for humans because of it. She travels the land killing humans as revenge for her parents and the rest of her fallen elven brethren. She distrusts anything human in make or appearance. She feels that she is doing the world a favor by dispatching any humans she finds and is frustrated and mistified by elves that don’t see things the way she does. She has trouble trusting the elves that have embraced or studied the human cultures and technologies, but she is loyal to anyone of her race. She would do anything for her best friend, Aneth.

Lorian is currently in hiding from Aladar, a human bounty hunter. He began tracking her and Aneth after they went on a killing spree in “Unnamed Town” in the northwestern elven kingdom. She is training now, but her ultimate goal is to kill him.


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