Elven scout taken by the One-Eyed Man with a Dog


Godren was scouting outside of Solaena with Aust when Aust became victim to a bear trap. Godren was unable to release his wounded friend as several men appeared to check on the trap. Godren attacked as Aust blacked out.

Aust awoke to find no sign of Godren. Calling out for help, he was eventually rescued by the party, who helped him back to Soleana. In the infirmary, he asked that they find his missing friend.

Godren was last seen by Rai’en as a prisoner of the One Eyed Man with a Dog. Rai’en was taken back to the men’s hideout, but the One Eyed Man with a Dog took Godren in the opposite direction. His whereabouts are unknown.


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