Kingdom of Rust

Session 4 - The Flower Girl
In which the party returns to Solaena after a murder in Glenfaire.

Early that morning, Rurik, along with his followers, took Rai’en‘s corpse some distance out of Glenfaire to perform the ritual of resurrection. Back in town, the body of a flower girl was found, her throat sliced cleanly. The captain of the guard ordered the gates sealed as soon as possible. Luckily, Rurik returned before then with the risen Rai’en.

As Mez and Lorian approached the sealed gates, the guards stepped forward, blocking their path. Mez did what he could to diffuse the situation, revealing to Lorian his knowledge of the human tongue. Feeling betrayed, she fought with him, eventually storming back to the tavern where the others waited. This outburst earned the elves a shadowing guard for the rest of the day.

The following morning, Rurik aided the investigation using his power to speak with the dead flower girl. She revealed little, as her attacker had come from behind. However, her cryptic phrases revealed that she had been killed with two blades and that her dragon-scale broach was now gone. With this information, the guards opened the gates once more, searching all who left the town.

The party gathered to leave, but as they approached the gates, Lorian remembered she had wanted to buy some food for the road. She sent them ahead, promising to catch up. Having learned of other exits from Glenfaire, Lorian was able to slip out of town without consequence – but with some small purchase from an elven vendor.

When they finally arrived in Solaena and their bounty collected, Lorian learned of a human rider that had come through, adding a wanted poster on the bounty board. She knew already that it was her own, but luckily only Mez and Wren followed her to the posting. Wren pulled it down, handing the crumpled paper to her – on the condition that he could trust her.

They discussed that night what plans lay before them, ignoring the new bounty. With the poachers long dead and likely carried off by wolves, and with no clues to Godren’s whereabouts, they considered the City of Fountains, just a few days away.

Session 3 - Captured
In which the party escapes and slays the one-eyed man with a dog

The party awakes to find themselves captive to the One Eyed Man with a Dog. Bound to a wagon heading toward a slave camp just a few days away, they know escape is their only option, but that one eye is watching them carefully. Rai’en provided a distraction, whether or not he intended for it to be one. A few harsh punches rendered the elf unconscious.

Lorian and Mez were able to slip their wrists free of the bindings, attempting to subdue the One Eyed Man. Lorian grabbed the driver’s crossbow, planting a bolt in the back of his neck. That vicious dog leaped on her, wounding her badly. Mez‘s struggle fared little better, even with the help of Wren’s clever use of magic. The One Eyed Man beat them both badly, leaving only Gillaeon awake to watch the day drag on into dusk.

Without a driver, the One Eyed Man had no one to watch his prisoners as he went out into the forest to hunt by the dying light of day. By then, Rai’en had awoken once more. Gillaeon finally was able to break his bonds. He quickly untied the others and set the horse loose, hoping to slow the One Eyed Man’s assured vengeance. The elves found their gear in the chest the man had sat on while watching them, dragging it and their allies down the road.

Rai’en knew they couldn’t outrun the dog or the man, slowed so much by their wounded friends. After an hour, they prepared themselves for their final showdown with the One Eyed Man. The barking of a dog made good on that promise.

Gillaeon struck the hound down as Rai’en did what he could against the man. However, the One Eyed Man‘s spiked chain was deadly, striking down the mage and nearly ending Gillaeon as well. In a final drive of adrenaline, the elven warrior’s heavy blade relieved the One Eyed Man of his head. Victory was theirs, but not one was left standing. Over the next few days, the party would begin to recover, but Rai’en had bled out.

An elven scrapper named Tharivol would come upon them in time, telling them of the mixed settlement of Glenfaire where they might find a dwarf capable of reviving their fallen comrade. With his help, the party made it to the small town and took their rest. They found Rurik there, a dwarven priest who had come to bless the newborn prince. Luckily, he would raise the fallen elf.

However, Lorian was not happy with their current arrangements. She had only agreed to come to Glenfaire for Rai’en‘s sake, but had hoped the community would consist of fewer humans. Vengeful thoughts fueled her actions, and a poor flower girl would find her end at the elf’s sickles.

Session 2 - The Missing Elf
In which the party is captured while searching for Godren

Rai’en left early that morning, heading toward the City of Fountains in the name of his research. Alone, there was nothing he could do when he came upon the One Eyed Man with a Dog and his band, dragging with them a beaten and bound elf. They called out, the elf translating their message, “Surrender, or die.”

Meanwhile, the others left from Solaena toward where Aust had been found. With no leads on where Godren could have gone, their only choice was to revisit the scene of his battle with the One Eyed Man with a Dog. Luckily, humans did little to cover their tracks and had obviously dragged at least one body back to their hideout.

The forest opened slightly to reveal the ruins of suburbia, houses burned or destroyed by disrepair. Only one along the broken street still looked livable. The smoke and smells from the cooking fire within promised someone within.

Lorian crept forward, scouting the premises. The boarded up windows revealed little, but around the back of the house she found a guard watching over Rai’en, bound to a faucet. She reported back to the party, returning with | Mez while the others prepared for battle. The guard was slain silently, securing Rai’en’s rescue.

They attacked from both the front and back, bringing vengeance against the humans. The following battle was bloody and deadly. In the end, only Rai’en stood, bringing his allies into the house to recover. The humans had lost their lives, but the elves were badly injured. They would need to rest for some time. That time was cut short by the barking of a dog.

Rai’en alone had no hope of fighting off the One Eyed Man and his Dog. He used his magic to escape the house, running into the forest. The One Eyed Man with a Dog tracked him throughout the night, eventually capturing him once again, knocking him unconscious.

Wren was the first to wake, the jolt from the wagon hitting a pot hole reviving him. The others were around him, their arms tied and the deadly gaze of a single eye watching them carefully. The dog could be seen sitting beside the driver.

“Do you understand me?” the One Eyed Man said, his voice dripping with cruelty. Wren nodded. “Thanks to your antics, I figure it’s time that I try my hand at the slave trade. Try anything, and I will kill you. Enjoy your last few days of freedom.”

Session 1 - The Bunker
In which the party gathers

Reports had come in of goblins gathering in the forests outside of Solaena. The resulting bounty attracted both Mez and Gillaeon, who joined together to hunt them down, eventually coming upon a small bunker in a clearing as the day began to fade. They head toward the bunker to investigate. Goblins always love dark holes.

Inside the bunker, Lorian gathered her gear after having camped out for the night, on the run from Aladar. She had spent the day in hiding, and hoped to make it to Solaena before nightfall. As she readied her pack, she heard someone quietly approaching.

Deeper in the bunker, a ritual was coming to completion. Adunar was summoning a demon with the assistance of Rai’en, who would be granted one question of the beast for his work. In a flash of fiery light, the hulking creature appeared. Adunar‘s triumphant expression quickly faded to one of terror. He had summoned a being not affected by his wards. He had no control. He called for Rai’en to flee, locking himself in the room with the demon.

Wren had heard of a bunker hidden in the forest where he might find some scrap. He approached the clearing, seeing two warrior standing at the entrance of the bunker. Warily, he watched them, seeing two goblins creep up over the top of the entrance. Before he could call out, they dropped down on the warriors.

Inside, two goblins appeared in Lorian‘s view. She attacked with incredible fury, slaughtering one goblin as Rai’en came running from below. He avoided the confrontation within, sprinting headlong into the encounter at the entrance. Mez was taken by surprise and suffered a bloody head wound, knocking him unconscious. Gillaeon faired better, battling the two goblins on his own. Wren aided him at a range. In moments, the goblins were defeated, but a greater danger lay below.

Battering the door down, the demon hulked from below. The party began to flee with Rai’en using his magic to mask their retreat. An explosion burned away the conjured fog, revealing the demon’s body laying in the clearing and Adunar, clutching his bloody side at the bunker’s entrance. The party found bandages and tried to save the mage, but it was too late. With night falling fast, they determined the best course of action would be to wait there until morning.

During their journey back to Solaena, they heard someone crying out for help. Carefully, Lorian approached, finding Aust caught in a bear trap. They released the elf and helped him back to town, where he recounted his encounter with the One Eyed Man with a Dog. He asked the party to find out about his missing friend, Godren. With a bounty offered for information and the One Eyed Man’s head, Lorian and Gillaeon agreed to the search.

In the inn, Gillaeon shared his coin earned from the goblin bounty while Lorian asked the party for their help in the newly acquired bounty. All but Rai’en agreed, who placed more importance on his research.


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